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Cordia Blackswan has been shortlisted for four awards at Insider’s Midlands Residential Property Awards 2022. The awards, an annual event that showcases the Midlands property sector, will be rewarding notable BTR schemes and PRS projects, architectural deals and everything in between. 

As Insider’s seventh Midlands Residential Property Awards, it is set to be its biggest celebration to date, with Cordia Blackswan receiving considerable recognition for its commitment to the Jewellery Quarter and wider Birmingham. 

Not only has The Gothic been shortlisted for Apartment Development of the Year and Small Residential Development of the Year, Cordia Blackswan continues to be recognised for the ambitious regeneration of Great Hampton Street as a whole. Having been shortlisted for Place-Making Project of the Year, this only highlights the impact this redevelopment will have on the Jewellery Quarter. 

With the completion of The Gothic nearing closer and continued progress on Great Hampton Street, including The Lamp Works, The Bank (Cordia Blackswan’s HQ) and Bradford Works, Cordia Blackswan has also been shortlisted for Urban and City Developer of the Year at the Awards. 

The Gothic is just a glimpse of what is yet to come to Great Hampton Street, and is a testament to Cordia Blackswan’s dedication to Birmingham. This bespoke development is the first phase in the Great Hampton Street regeneration project, along with the Cordia Blackswan HQ

As well as delivering 16 unique apartments across three Grade II listed and heritage buildings, The Gothic will also provide ample commercial space for independent eateries and retailers. This combination of premium residential homes and unique commercial hubs will be an ongoing theme throughout Great Hampton Street, which also forms a key part in Cordia Blackswan’s vision.

Cordia Blackswan is passionate about Birmingham’s rich history and believes that it’s something that should be preserved, which when combined with its commitment to delivering safe, comfortable homes, provided the foundations of the Great Hampton Street regeneration scheme.

Marcus Hawley, managing director at Cordia Blackswan, has said: “Our vision for the Jewellery Quarter will always be driven by an unwavering passion for the local community, Birmingham’s rich history and the city’s residents, which we’ve poured into The Gothic. 

“The development is our first residential project to complete and it would’ve been such a phenomenal achievement to be shortlisted for one award at Insider’s Midlands Resi Awards – let alone four. 

“The Gothic is just the beginning, which makes these nominations so much more rewarding.”