Our Vision

We are on a mission.

Everyone has a right to a happy home, somewhere to feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. It’s the guiding principle behind what we do and reinforces our belief that the best homes are the ones designed with the people who live in them in mind.

We also believe that building homes should not be done in isolation and that’s why we do everything we can to create and preserve the neighbourhoods where they are located and form part of sustainable communities where people can live happier, richer, and more fulfilling lives.

From design to final delivery, we never stop refining, learning and exploring new ways to bring our clients exciting property developments in Birmingham that exceed all expectations.

We have a unique vision, setting us apart from the competition.

We go past the boundaries with our property developments. Designing and building the very best sustainable homes in Birmingham for people to enjoy.

Our property developments include a Victorian-styled duplex in a former Gothic styled Public House, and a surplus textile factory, all of which have been transformed into brand new homes.

These property developments have a sense of belonging, whilst physically and culturally enhancing the surroundings within a carefully selected neighbourhood.

Cordia Office – Poland
St Pauls Square – Jewellery Quarter
Corvin Quarter – Budapest
The Clock – Jewellery Quarter
Cordia Office – Koszkowa

We are specialists in property development.

Our team of professional experts understand their profession and the markets that we operate in.

The extensive knowledge of Birmingham and the Jewellery Quarter that our team have built up, helps them to communicate effortlessly with customers to ensure we capture what they want from their future Birmingham homes.

With recent changes in the way our day to day lives are structured, we have realised that our relationship with our home has changed. Our homes are now more than an investment, or somewhere to live. They are the foundation that we build upon, a sanctuary to capture moments and memories.

We have forged strong partnerships.

Having joined forces with the Cordia Group, we now have greater access to a wealth of knowledge and skills, all sharing the same values and property development ethos.

Our shared ethos helps us to focus our output on achieving bold designs as well as introducing new, innovative approaches to creating homes and communities.

Professionalism and integrity are some of the values that each of our team underpin in everything that we do.

Our Projects
The Gothic
The Gothic
Bradford Works
Bradford Works
The Lamp Works
The Lamp Works