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We are pleased to announce that Cordia UK is now a certified member of the prestigious UK Green Building Council (UKGBC).

The UKGBC is a membership-led industry network of influential businesses working together to transform the sustainability of the built environment.

Representing a unified voice of the industry’s current and future leaders, the UKGBC aims to drive positive change in the sector by identifying responses to sustainability challenges and putting them into action through innovation and influencing policy.

Cordia UK joins over 700 other members who are at the forefront of shaping our future industry, focusing on addressing the main challenges of climate change mitigation and adaptation, nature, resource use, health, wellbeing and social value, and home retrofit.

At Cordia UK, we embody these values; we design our buildings with the people who live in them in mind, which means creating environments that allow both the residents and their natural surroundings to thrive as a community.

We are particularly passionate about limiting our resource use and reducing our waste output throughout the construction process for all our developments. For example, 96% of materials were recycled during construction at our leading build-to-rent development, The Lampworks.

Our regeneration efforts are careful and considered; while restoring and maintaining heritage sites, we integrate new technologies and innovative features in our buildings to optimise energy efficiency and sustainability.

This membership signals our commitment to advancing sustainable practices in the sector. It enables us to benefit from a wide range of resources to drive our contribution towards creating a more sustainable built environment and to learn from others in our industry who are leading the way to a net zero future.

Following in the footsteps of our parent company Futureal, a founding member of the Hungarian Green Building Council, we look forward to building on their success here in the UK.

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