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After working closely with the Monro family to recreate the iconic King Kong, it was only right that we showcase the remainder of his work. A selection of Monro’s work is featured in an exclusive art exhibition in Cordia Blackswan HQ, in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. 

The art exhibition displays a variety of sculptures and maquette prints, including his infamous Morris Dancers (1970), Ladies of the World (1979), Forest Fire (1970) and much more. And of course, a maquette of King Kong is also included in the exhibition. 

On 22nd July, Cordia Blackswan opened King Kong Park – a free park open to the public with a 7m tall King Kong in the centre. The sculpture is an identical replica of Monro’s original creation, brought back to the city 50 years since his last visit to Birmingham.

This new and improved sculpture was created by RoboCarv, based on a maquette of the original statue, which lives at Wolverhampton Gallery. The original King Kong statue was brought to life in 1972, commissioned by the Peter Stuyvesant Foundation for the Sculpture for Public Places Scheme ‘City Sculpture’, in partnership with the Arts Council of Great Britain. 

This exhibition is an opportunity to not only showcase King Kong, but a selection of Monro’s creative pieces.

Joe Monro, son of Nicholas Monro, said: “When the Cordia Blackswan team reached out to me and my family with the proposition of recreating King Kong, I was shocked – to say the least. My father is an incredible artist and sculptor, and while King Kong is considered one of his greatest creations, the gorilla is just one of many creative sculptures.

“The gallery is an opportunity to showcase his skillful work and what he stands for as a creative. When he received the brief for King Kong, he was asked to create something ‘city orientated’, to which he was set on sculpting something ‘city disorientated’.

“He has always wanted to challenge the ‘norm’, which naturally, is what makes him such a talented artist, and the gallery only reinforces this further.”

Photographer, Bex Gaunt, said: “Nicholas Monro is an extremely significant Pop Artist and I, as a curator, was incredibly honoured to be asked to work on this exhibition. To have so many important Monro pieces together in one show as well as the 11-metre new King Kong is a coup for Birmingham, and a must see for everyone.”