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As one of the UK’s fastest-growing cities, Birmingham’s current level of development is unprecedented.

In particular, development in the rental sector is booming – in 2021, Birmingham had the second-highest build-to-rent (BTR) investment volume of any UK city. This rapid increase in rental property investment can be attributed to the high level of demand from the city’s young population, with 75% of city centre inhabitants under 25 years old.

To meet this demand, developers in the West Midlands are submitting ambitious plans for new housing. While new housing is very much needed, careful consideration must be given to the type of housing being delivered to ensure it caters to the region’s growing population and the demands of future living and working.

Last month, Birmingham City Council launched an ambitious strategic vision for Central Birmingham 2040 to create a fair, inclusive, and green place that benefits all residents. With a focus on greening the city centre, the plan also outlines the creation of more jobs, better transport options, and the construction of higher quality, energy-efficient new homes.

The 20-year framework aims to meet the economic, social, and environmental challenges of the 2020s and beyond to 2040. Focusing on extending growth opportunities and investment within existing neighbourhoods, the city has ambitious plans.

At Cordia UK, our growth plans focus on the Central West area of the city – with our Great Hampton Street masterplan setting out a vision to improve the community located on the North Eastern side of the Jewellery Quarter, bordering Hockley.

Our vision aims to extend the investment pumped into the Jewellery Quarter in recent years to the periphery of the area, breathing new life into an underdeveloped area that, in recent years, has experienced a severe lack of investment.

Supporting the vision for the whole city, our masterplan vision aims to create more jobs by providing high-quality office space in our recently completed commercial development and creating higher quality, energy-efficient new homes fit for future residents.

Our unique vision sets us apart from the competition. While all our developments are individual, with some focusing on restoring listed buildings through careful and considered regeneration efforts and others delivering contemporary living in new buildings, they sit within communities we actively contribute to.

Catering to a wide diversity of audiences, we recognise the rising rental demand in the city and our first BTR development is currently under construction – The Lamp Works. This will be followed by Birmingham’s first ever purpose-built shared living development, Bradford Works, which is anticipated to start construction later this year.

Having joined forces with the Cordia Group, we are striving to share and apply our knowledge and become a driving force in the regeneration of Birmingham and the West Midlands. We aim to play a large part in the city’s future, with our efforts largely focused on contributing to the Jewellery Quarter Neighbourhood Plan, although not limited to it. The plan sets out a creative approach to conversation whilst ensuring the highest quality design for new development.

These values are embodied in our leading heritage redevelopment, The Gothic, which provides a bespoke collection of high-quality apartments suitable for the modern resident.

We believe the best homes are the ones designed with the people who live in them in mind – so we do everything we can to create not just a home but sustainable, long-lasting communities.

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