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Construction at The Gothic began just 12 months, where Cordia Blackswan started with three derelict Grade II listed and heritage buildings, and an ambition to transform them into a game-changing mixed-use development. 

While The Gothic comprises three distinct phases, the completion of Phase One is growing closer, with new milestones being reached every week. The latest development at The Gothic is not only its brand new windows, but also its clean brickwork – a task that has restored the building to its former glory. 

Find out more about The Gothic’s hidden history.

Why Were the Windows Replaced?

As you might already know, Cordia Blackswan is passionate about the Jewellery Quarter and its rich heritage, making The Gothic so much more exciting for us. Although working with listed and heritage buildings comes with its advantages, there are also some drawbacks, which we quickly realised when the refurbishment started. 

After a thorough survey, it became clear that many of the windows throughout the development were not original features, and had instead been replaced over time. The general condition of both the original windows and those that had been replaced was poor, to say the least. 

To ensure The Gothic was delivered to our usual standard, and to adhere with building regulations, we have since fitted new windows throughout the development. Working alongside the Conservation Officer at Birmingham City Council and a specialist joinery company based in the Black Country, we were able to install like-for-like windows, and more importantly, retain the authentic appearance of The Gothic. 

The windows have now been replaced across the four individual buildings that make up Phase One of The Gothic, meaning the thermal and acoustic performance of the development is now up to modern standards. 

The Brickwork

Over the years, The Gothic has been home to many Jewellery Quarter landmarks, including The Gothic Inn, Gothic Stores and the Gothic Works. For the best part of 50 years, the ground floor facades at The Gothic had been painted many times, in various different colours. 

We were keen to strip back these layers of paint from the outset, and were prepared for a long and laborious process to eventually reveal the original brickwork hiding underneath. Working closely with William Parratt Stone Masons – an Edgbaston based company specialising in Birmingham restorations – we slowly but surely peeled away half a century’s worth of paint. 

Over the past five weeks, the team has been applying poultices of chemical peel to the brickwork, which has finally revealed the breathtaking stonework and decorative brick that was hiding underneath. 

With The Gothic’s exterior taking shape and the interior work nearing completion, this unique development is almost at the finish line. Viewings are available and work on the show apartment is underway, so for those interested in learning more about The Gothic or if you’re wanting to purchase your own piece of Jewellery Quarter history, please get in touch.